Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Simple Aromatherapy Massage for Constipation

A simple abdominal massage also improves intestinal function and stimulates the movement of wastes through the large intestine. This massage can be performed daily, preferably first thing in the morning before eating. Lie down and massage approximately one teaspoon of almond or olive oil onto your abdomen area (add two drops of marjoram essential oil if desired-it has gentle laxative properties). Starting at the lower right side of your abdomen, place your fingers flat against your abdomen and make small circular motions with your fingers. Press into your abdomen as deeply as you comfortably can. Using slow, circular movements, massage up the right side of your abdomen, across the center just above your navel, and down the left side, following the path of the large intes­tine. Make several circuits of your abdomen, and finish by rubbing your abdomen with the palms of your hands in the same clockwise direction, using smooth, gliding strokes.
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