Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ease Varicose Veins Discomfort with Aromatherapy Oils

Combining hydrotherapy with therapeutic essential oils can effec­tively relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of varicose veins. Alter­nating hot and cold footbaths, compresses, and gentle massage help to relieve pain and aching and improve circulation, while cold com­presses help to relieve inflammation and swelling. The following essential oils are especially useful for treating varicose veins.

Cypress has astringent and vein-tightening properties and stim­ulates circulation. It also helps to relieve fluid retention. Cypress has a spicy, pinelike fragrance.

Frankincense has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, helps to tighten veins, and stimulates skin healing. It has a rich, warm, balsamic fragrance.

Yarrow contains azulene, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that gives the essential oil a dark-blue color. The astringent proper­ties of yarrow also help to tighten varicose veins. It has a fresh, herbaceous, pungent fragrance.
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