Thursday, July 17, 2008

Special Aromatherapy Recipe for Rheumatism

15 drops carrot seed essential oil
10 drops Atlas cedarwood essential oil
10 drops coriander essential oil
10 drops lemon essential oil

Put the essential oils into a little dark glass bottle and shake well.

How to use this recipe for Rheumatism?

As Aromatic Salt Bath (comfortably hot): Add 200 to 300g Dead Sea Mineral Salts to the bath while the water is still running. After the bath has been filled, add eight drops of essential oil concentrate and swish around to disperse. Take an aromatic bath daily, or at least three times weekly.

As Massage Oil: Add 12 drops of concentrate to 25ml sweet almond oil and shake well. Massage into the affected parts two or three times daily, including after an aromatic bath.

CAUTION: Never massage inflamed and swollen joints as this will increase heat in the tissues, causing further discomfort. Instead, apply a cold compress. With rheumatoid arthritis, for example, inflammation comes and goes, so massage over affected parts is fine between flare-ups, and may even reduce the fre­quency of attacks.

As Compress (hot or cold): If there is any swelling or inflammation around the joint (the skin over an inflamed joint usually feels quite hot), use a cold compress. For dull aches and pains, use a hot compress. Add five drops of concentrate to a bowl containing 600ml (l pt) of water. Soak a piece of clean, folded cotton fabric in the water, wring out the excess and apply to the affected area. As soon as it warms (or cools if using a hot application) to body temperature, re-apply. Repeat once or twice more in succession. Compresses may be applied two or three times daily, or as required.
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